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©Brandt Peters' Bio Brandt Elling Peters is a multi-media artist based inTampa, FL.

Having grown up on the West Coast most of my life and coming from a family of artists , my ecclectic childhood was filled with a wide range of ’Pop’ ephemera. Many of those inspirations now show up quite frequently in my fine art and are rooted deep within Southern Californian’s underground culture, antiques, cartoons, toys, and comics. As far as my commercial career, I had numerous warnings to stay out of the art field, so obviously I felt compelled to jump in head first as a conceptual illustrator. This drive has enabled me to experience many different trades in the entertainment industry and has pulled me into the motion picture field, comic publishing, and presently, into conceptual design for the ‘theme park’ industry.

Gallery exhibitions were familiar to me but I never explored that route until I met my wife (Kathie Olivas, also a fine artist) who encouraged me to submit a piece in a group show one year. Since then I have been exhibiting my work professionally for about 4 years along the East Coast from Detroit to Philly to Miami, and even west to Santa Fe and, Los Angeles. I feel as we propel into our unknown future we have a tendency to look towards the past. This past becomes idealized, romanticized and often revered. My current body of work is a vintage focus on the parallels of our past to service the commentary of our current political and social status. The cartoon characters that embody my work are meant to evoke a nostalgic reaction that reflects isolation, fear, and an uncertainty. These icons perform as narrators in lonely worlds that each explores individually, creating his or her own perspective, and thus, own reality. Presently my work takes a satirical look at the questions everyone claims to have the answers to, yet these questions are never explored in relation to how fear affects our sense of reality. The cast and ensemble provides a sense of comfort, the reminiscent style is soothing, yet the mood is dark. Who is it that we relate to? The lonely little boy hiding in a bear suite, the evil lustful pool-hall wolf, the sexualized little girl who secretly wants more. The environment and it’s limited population are meant to conjure these questions, the viewers are confronted with finding their own answers.

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