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©Chase Melendez's Bio "My intent is to convey emotionally complex human scenarios; the tragic, humorous and sublime, with childlike innocence. It has been my experience that far more can be said with much less and my paintings reflect this philosophy. I purposely limit the amount of possible facial expressions on the characters I create in order to bring the message of each piece into clear focus, as a child would draw what he or she saw with unabashed honesty and simplicity.

Although my style has been classified as "naive" and my techniques mirror those of a child, the subject matter in my work is far more adult with themes ranging from depression and sex to ironic humor and politic commentary.

I attempt to imply story in each work; to make the viewer imagine how these characters reached the point at which they are witnessed and what will become of them down the surreal road ahead. My paintings are part of something much larger yet to be revealed.

I have this universe of strange beings within me. My desire to show it to others is a compulsion for which I do not apologize."

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