©Craig LaRotonda  
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©Only US
"Only US"
acrylic on wood
20" X 30"

©Private Revolution
"Private Revolution"
mix media on wood
11" X 14"


acrylic on wood
22" X 19"

©As They Lay Slumbering
"As They Lay Slumbering"
oil and gold leaf on wood
20" X 22" X 3"deep

©Meat Intelligence
"Meat Intelligence"
oil, gold leaf & collage on wood
15" X 18"


©The Invasion
"The Invasion"
Thunder Lizard Sushi Stomp
acrylic on wood
19 1/2" X 22"

mix media on wood
10" X 14"

mix media on board
6" X 8"

©A Perculiar Arrangement
"A Perculiar Arrangement"
oil and gold leaf on wood
22" X 30"


©Behold These Tears
"Behold These Tears"
oil, acrylic and gold leaf on wood
24" X 36"


©What Have I Done
"What Have I Done"
acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
24" X 36"


©Mercurial Circumstance
"Mercurial Circumstance"
mix media on wood
18" X 24"

mix media on wood
21" X 29" (26" X 34" framed)

©The Possibility of Matter
"The Possibility of Matter"
oil, acrylic and collage on wood
24" X 36"


©Liberty Enlightens the World
"Liberty Enlightens the World"
oil and acrylic
20" X 30"


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