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©Crockett's Bio Born in Santa Fe NM and began drawing before I could walk or talk and yet for some reason I still can’t draw, but I can talk and walk. Two outa three aint bad.

Went to school at CCA for painting and drawing and one day I decided to set up my own gallery illegally on a busy street in San Francisco. Not expecting much I packed a suitcase full of paintings and skated on down to Hayes and Octavia. I managed to sell work at one spot for three months until the cops busted an old man who also wanted to sell; only that he was selling all of his cloths and furniture and blocked the side walk completely. So for a quick second I thought about getting a permit but that was quickly thrown out when I realized I could always just lie and say “oh no Mr. Police officer these aren’t for sale I am just out here doing some good old P&R.

I moved to the Bay in 2002 and coming from a place like Santa Fe NM my out look on the contemporary art world was blurred and in many was blind. After watching my fellow colleges at CCA I quickly developed a new style which in many ways was biting on some upcoming Upper Playground artists. As I progressed I broke through always trying to remember that I wanted my work to remain purely aesthetic, after being force fed loads of conceptual art school projects, I was truly drawn to the simple yet beautiful world of degenerate art.

I try to create fun ness, a world where one can accept that it is just a propelled turtle or a flock of multi colors sewn together monsters like things. Of course anyone is welcomed to read deep into my work and suggest that it may mean something profound, and I my self could bull shit and tell you how I am trying to represent the soulless Americans that have forgotten that a tie is just another noose, but in truth I am trying to make a piece that will go well with your interior and may even make a person stop and feel like a kid for a moment.

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