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©Jaime Lakatos' Bio I try to evoke bodily systems and fluids in a way that allows the objects to seem like mutilated matter, petrified and invaded as well as caressed and embellished. Each piece has a strongly visceral and unnerving presence. I want to mystify and expose the true human existence. We are not pretty, perfect, supple creatures. We are made of bones, blood, disease, our insides frighten us, but really the viscera are what make us fascinating.

Despite the seemingly serious connotation the body has, humor is a large part of my work. I'm not trying to recreate, reiterate our bodies. Instead I magnify them to such a point that they retain their unnerving presence, but are readily "available" to the viewer.

The objects that I make are sculptures that are given the chance to show the parts that we forget about or rather choose to ignore. All those lost trails of spit, hair, disease, organs, mucous, blood and flesh. Rather than uphold the cool perfection of classic paradigms, I want to show the beauty in our own horror.

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