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I was born in Brittany, France. I grew up in the countryside, my little world was populated by cows, farmers, pigs, cats and dogs, and a lot of land to run around. My village, hidden in a small valley, is on the line that used to separate France and Brittany, surrounded by green fields it is where I spent my early years climbing trees, spending the days off from school in the woods or dumps lining glass bottles for shoot out, or involve in an apple fight on the fields..One of the highlight there is the discovery of a Carolingien cemetery , more than 40 limestone tombs were dug out and recorded.

One side of my family is involve with the land; farms, vegetables garden, making cider, windmill to mill grains...but came from northen France and used to be carpenters for the navy. The other side was more southern and doing craftwork notably fancy zinc details on roofs of houses. It is from that side that I remenber seeing someone doing art; my grandpa was making little ciment mushrooms and dwarfs and all sort of creatures statues or model landscape, if you showed him a fossil he would get irritated and tell you that people made that of ciment in molds.

After trying to go study engraving, computers I was finally sent to agriculture school for four years, then went to London for two years, started photography and was introduce to collages and a lot of music. I went back to France , and came to New Mexico in 1989.Exited to be around a lot of different types of arts I came up with a lot of collages made from magazine cuts. I also worked next to iron workers, and was invited to try metal-smithing and became fascinated with metals_ to have something so hard and then with fire be able to shape it . Then in 1997 I was able to find a studio, buy a welder and start making the statues I do now .

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