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©Jesse Reno's Bio Jesse Reno lives and works in his home studio in Portland, Oregon. Born, 1974 in Teaneck, NJ.


All that is specific to human kind –

Religion – Empire – Control – Ownership – Greed – War – Class – Race – Righteousness - Lies

Man separates himself from all other species, he uses his sense of consciousness to claim righteousness and self importance within the animal kingdom… he control cages and consumes any species of animal in anyway he sees fit… for pleasure power ego and exploitation… to do so he avoids his own consciousness by learning to lie to himself, he uses all his creations to distance himself from responsibility for the actions his conscious deems wrong… along the way he creates right and wrong to justify his actions and control the actions of other who might threaten him… he creates a god in his own image to take ultimate responsibility for those things he would rather not claim, religion is mans ultimate scapegoat… man creates angels and devils to guide him in an attempt to keep his lying conscious from getting him into too much trouble, and to blame for the actions he himself can not excuse.. He seeks to control and secure his life at every turn believing he deserves more with each new day… he works and saves to achieve more and more control over his life, he follows trends and ideas thru popular opinion, he uses the opinions of the masses to secure his sense of righteousness…he then builds on these ideas to further separate himself from nature and even the rest of mankind.. All along caging himself, feeling more and more alone, feeling more and more afraid and confused with the world around him.. Fighting wars he does not understand… paying taxes to a system he knows only as empire.. Breaking down all that is around him in terms of money class control ownership laws morals rules and gods all created and explained by his surroundings… when and if he stops to think for himself he will realize he is responsible for his own entrapment, and the animals he thinks he is above are free making all decisions based on personal instinct… the only true right or wrong… a personal decision made out of basic survival…

i spent almost my entire first year of life in a hospital, i was born with an extreme fever which could have killed me. Dr's told my parents i would be lucky to live with retardation, and blindness... as it turned out the fevers caused damage to my optic nerves in both eyes, leaving me with a lazy eye, and blindspots in over half the visual field of my right eye, as well as blindspots in my left eye and poor vision... i had to go for psycological evaluations until i was four years of age at which point it was decided i had no retardation... now 29 years later i suffer from chronic pain caused by the problems with my vision, do to the poor vision of my right eye i compensate by doing everything to the left, straining my neck and shoulder constantly... along with the constant strain my lopsided vision causes strange distortions in depth perception and also forces me to stay close to my work, so i rarely step back for the big picture until a piece is done.. along with this the vision in my right eye also sees with a high level of contrast making it very sensitive to both light and color... i feel all of this affects my work as an artist both in my color pallet and in terms of depth within my work...

i approach painting with random intentions to give a sense of natural order.. its integral to my process, as well as my intentions. i attempt to find meaning thru seperating myself from my thougths and then following them thru my actions. i generally work on 5 to 10 paintings at all times so i can jump between them all, and stay busy i try not to get to caught up with any one piece until it nears its end. i feel this keeps my self editing more honest, it keeps me from getting to atatched to one idea, and allows me to move on to follow rather than lead my thoughts. this is what i strive for more than anything in process, following what i see. i generally work on pieces in many small sessions so my assessments are new and fresh each time i sit down to work a piece. in the final stages i tend to make sense of the imagery and add any final touches. often it isnt until a painting is almost completely finished that i understand its meaning

My art relates to primitivism in the purest sense, it comes from within with strong belief. The images search for pureness in expression and connection beyond language… As in primitive cultures my creations remain pure as if they are my visual diaries, free from the concerns of technique, preconceived ideas, meaning, or concern for what has come before…they come from within, and manifest as expressions of the world that surrounds, like gods created in ones own image, a reflection of self…


Circle - repetition, a lack of progression potential madness
Square - opportunity, potential progress
X - negativity, something to be avoided
Line - directness, moving in moments, reacting rather than acting
Five lines – there is no point in keeping score
Crown – the king is always In control
Stars - accomplishment


Jesus – is helpless you must help yourself
King – seek to control
Angels – attempt to help you
Coffins – are for the dead
Tophats – business men have money on there minds
Dunce caps – idiots can be smarter than you think
Swans – remind us to come to the pond
Devils – are always waiting
Totems – are truth
Primitives – are pure and instinctual
Clowns - are not to be trusted
Factories – make the sky black
Trees – are more civilized than man
Hollow – chalk outlines of someone who used to be there
Pegs – are helpless
Money – will make us all corrupt
Icarus – be aware of your rise
Rabbits - caught in headlights

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