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©Lola's Bio Bio of the self-taught artist

Born 1975 in Riverside, Ca. I was the first of 3 children, each as different as night and day. I've embraced my creativity for as long as I can remember. Suffered a miserably normal childhood, relying prodominately on my imagination. I moved myself around a few times, but ended up back in Riverside. I worked as a tattoo artist and there I found my true love of painting during the slow season. This is the medium I am encompassed by. My veins bleed acrylic, and I believe I am obsessed. I enjoy the stranger things in life, and this has reflected in my work.

I am at a point in my life where the small things matter. Once fueled by my feminist views, I've stepped into a new creative drive fully inspired by my 2 daughters and children in general. Life is so simple when youre young. Where the land of make-believe feels real. Where ballerina's loom and fleas are balloons. Imaginary friends bring on the mischief, and you just go along for the ride.

Some I find inspiration from are Dali, Michael Hussar, Goya, my dad, Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, Mark Teague, Daniel Adel, Frida Kahlo, and of course my childhood faves Mercer Mayer,Maurice Sendak, and Charles Schultz. When I'm not painting I'm being a mama to my two darling monsters and strategically rearranging the furniture in my house (an obsession...its all about the feng shui).

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