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Born to an average household in Burbank, California, artist Tim McCormick spent his early childhood in the surreal bubble of Hollywoodland, USA. Here he found himself exposed to the quirky fantasy lives of the famous and infamous. Recalling at age seven, legendary Musician Frank Zappa (his friend's dad) as the first person to show him respect as a man. Through his MGT (Mentally Gifted and Talented) programs in school, he was invited take part in many television pilot test groups, like the now iconic Krofft Super Stars, which remains a huge visual influence on his art today. These and countless other experiences shaped his view of the world, pop culture and fame in a unique way. What were influential TV programs, movies, and songs for most, were full experiences for Tim, blending fantasy and reality in a peculiar way, all before an age in which he was able to know the difference.

During his formative years Tim's family moved to San Diego California's North County, which at the time seemed to him a semi-rural outland. It was here he would immerse himself in the what was then the underground subcultures of Surfing and Skateboarding. He describes North County as "a place where everyone did their thing with all their hearts-it was accepted, even encouraged, to completely obsess over whatever was your interest.” Consequently, his generation would produce the modern legends of the now cliché X-Games sports, new school punk rock, and countless other disciplines of art, athletics, and freakisms. His most lasting impression of these experiences being that those who truly achieved, did so with hard work, talent and perseverance. Tim spent the majority of his teens on the beach and in the ocean. Bored with school he dropped out and worked full-time to support himself, living on his own by age 17. Looking for direction, he says of this time: "most of my friends were trying to be professional athletes, or maybe start a company in the action sports industry, but that never really interested me."

Tim had always been a stand out in art and other forms of creative expression, yet he ignored the advice of nearly all his teachers, his parents and friends who encouraged him to pursue his art as a career. Tim's reaction was always "no way, I don't want to struggle and starve," as well as believing most people who called themselves artists, to be "whiney and pretentious."

On the evening of February 16, 1991, Tim McCormick had an epiphany: he was in fact an Artist, and every moment of his life suddenly made sense to him. "My first reaction was of fear and sorrow, it was such an over whelming feeling, I think I cried myself to sleep that night hoping it would go away. I woke up the next morning and the feeling was still there, as it has been there every morning since."

It was soon after that Tim began his long steady journey towards teaching himself to make art. "At this time I couldn't afford art school, and I had a strong belief that art was something you must first posses, then nurture, rather than something that can be taught. So I embraced the process of teaching myself to paint, sculpt, play, and create, as well as reading every art magazine and book I could get my hands on. I put my whole life into learning and practicing, most people I knew thought I had gone crazy, but I was confident this was what I would do until the day I died. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was home. I Spent ten years painting and drawing on everything and anything, this was also the time I began painting surfboards and skateboards, (for a total of more than 3000 individually). I also deigned T-shirts and board graphics to make extra money, but because I had no interest in being a surf/skate artist, I always tried to do my own more conceptual paintings, though most of my clients didn't prefer it. With respect for what it meant to be a true artist, I worked cheap and kept improving my abilities, I used the little money I made to keep painting and not have a real job. I have lived very humbly.”

In June of 2001 Tim McCormick had his first gallery exhibition, Jerry Waddle of Ducky Waddles Emporium Gallery gave him a solo show after seeing just two of his paintings, this led to another show and then another. Since then he has become a standout in the Southern California Art Scene, as well as showing extensively across the nation and in 2005 regularly in New York. All this without ever owning a portfolio or sending out a submission, Tim is completely dedicated to the idea of letting his work speak for itself.

Today Tim is graduating to a new level of his art form. He has now mastered several mediums, produced more than six thousand paintings, and honed his ability to paint equally well both right and left handed. His newest work combines several artistic philosophies while defying genre classification. Possessing great respect for the past, and a vision of the future, Tim McCormick possesses a true artistic voice. Much more than pretty pictures, his paintings have inspired many seasoned collectors to purchase and stockpile dozens and dozens of his works, as well as countless pieces being purchased and collected by other professional artists. Still below the radar of the art world, Tim’s work is gaining a kinetic energy of it’s own, and is set to explode at the atomic level.

"The thing I look forward to the most, is the art I will create in 10, 20, or 30 years. I truly love what I do, and feel an overwhelming duty to be the best I possibly can. I stand against pretension, gimmick art, and the network hype-machines attempting to fabricate stars and commodify everything in sight. I think the next era of art will include a combination of conceptualism and craftsmanship, and for me personally a type of spiritual channeling. This is what modern art has been working toward for the last one hundred fifty years, and I believe actual skill, talent, and craftsmanship, shows a true commitment to concept. People ultimately respect that."

July Installation Scion Art Tour McCaig-Welles Gallery Brooklyn, NY
July Letting Go of Holding On Blue Bottle Art Gallery Seattle, WA

June Wishes and Wants Magpie San Diego, CA

June Installation Scion Art Tour San Francisco, CA
June California The Alcove Atlanta, GA
June Bergamont Invasion Copro Nason Fine Art Santa Monica, CA

May Subtle Specific Anno Domini Art and Design, San Jose, CA
May A World of Influence Urbis-Artium Gallery San Fransico, CA
May Cancelled Flight The Reed Space Gallery New York, NY
May Ascension (Red Bull) Live Painting Performance The Vanguard, Hollywood, CA
May Funkadelicide Broadway Gallery New York, NY
May Installation Scion Art Tour Philadelphia,

Apr I am 8-bit Gallery 1988 Los Angeles, CA
Apr Art Annex Opening Show Art Annex Los Angeles, CA

Mar Installation Scion Art Tour Miami, Fl

Feb Installation (Live Painting Performance) Scion Art Tour (LA Auto Show) Los Angeles, CA Feb La Douleur d'Amour Project(Zeitgeist Studio) Los Angeles, CA

Jan Intrinsic Phenomenon Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, CA
Jan Downside-Up Upside-Down Copro Nason Gallery Culver City, CA


Nov Fresh Produce Anno Domini San Jose, CA
Nov Facts David Lawrence Fine Art (RTEA event) Beverly Hills, CA

Oct Jealous Monkey Whips The Squeaky Donut Skeleton Art Gallery Santa Fe, NM

Jun Love and Kisses Hamilton Gallery Santa Monica, CA

May Cannibal Flower Hangar 1018 Los Angeles, CA
May Create Fixate Music Building Mezzanine Los Angeles, CA
May Live Painting Performance(RTEA) Gallery Row Los Angeles, CA

Apr Old Differences (solo) Black Market LA Los Angeles California

Mar Scenario(curator) District Three Gallery San Diego, CA

Feb I Love Cassius King Cassius King Gallery San Diego, CA
Feb Grand Opening(curator) District Three Gallery San Diego,CA

Jan Footprints (Oshkin Events) Star Shoes Los Angeles, CA
Jan Create Fixate Create Fixate Space Beverly Hills, CA


Dec Small Works (curator) The Muse Gallery San Diego, CA

Nov Live Painting Performance Cannibal Flower Los Angeles, CA
Nov Special Guest Artist Blah Blah Gallery Plano, TX

Oct Subconscious 1300 Gallery Cleveland, OH
Oct Symptoms Toy Room Gallery Sacramento, CA
Oct L.A. Evolucion Gallery 500 Portland, OR

Aug Weapons of Mass Production Compound Gallery Portland, OR

Jul Abridged Perversions The Farm Art Space San Diego, CA
Jul Janson, Thompson x, McCormick Cassius King Gallery San Diego, CA

Jun Featured Artist Cannibal Flower Hangar 1018 Los Angeles, CA
Jun McCormick, Almera, McPherson The Muse Gallery San Diego, CA
Jun Fuse Koo’s Gallery Long Beach, CA

Apr Quickening (solo) Inner Energy Gallerie San Diego, CA

Jan Grand Opening (curator) The Muse Gallery San Diego, CA


Nov The San Diego Art Underground Boardners Hollywood, CA
Nov Human Wreckage Gallery Now San Diego, CA

Oct Slippin’ (solo) Ducky Waddle’s Emporium Gallery Encinitas, CA

Jul Added Power The Farm Art Space San Diego, CA

May Industrial Strength Spruce Street Forum San Diego, CA
May Group Show (ongoing monthly) Cannibal Flower Art Gallery Los Angeles, CA

Jan Harmful Side Effects The Arc Gallery Santa Ana, CA


Oct Funerals of Distinction Ducky Waddle’s Emporium Gallery Encinitas, CA

Jul The Truth Show 343 4th Gallery San Diego, CA

Jun Levels of Disillusionment (solo) Ducky Waddle’s Emporium Gallery Encinitas, CA

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